I am so excited to capture your story in photos. My aim isn’t to deliver images with everyone looking at the camera and smiling. My goal is show you how beautiful you are when everyone is being themselves and enjoying a little unplugged family time. Here are some helpful tips to get you ready for your session.

Location: Together will decide on where you’d like your session to take place. We could shoot an in-home session if the natural light in your home is bright enough. I have several parks in the area where I like to shoot. We can hike together or even meet up at the beach. If your idea of fun is a family outing for ice cream, we can do that too. I’m always open to photographing in new locations.

Time of Day: If we will be shooting in your home, late morning is best since that is when most homes get good light. If we are going to be outdoors, we can meet either early in the morning, or in the evening. Midday is usually not going to work. Unless there is an abundance of covered shade, everyone will have racoon eyes...not a good look! The hour or two before sunset is magical! That’s when you get the dreamy golden backlight. I encourage families with small children to have them take a late nap if scheduling an evening shoot.

Length of Session: Our session will usually last about an hour. Much more than that and the kids grow tired and less than happy. Rest assured, I will be able to get you a gorgeous gallery with lots of variety in that amount of time.

What to Wear: First and foremost, be comfortable. We are going to move and sit* and possibly run. I’m not overly concerned about your outfits. My focus will be on you and your family. That’s what I want people to see when they look at your images, the beauty of you and your family. Having said that, it’s a good idea to stay away from big logos, neon colors and if you feel you’d like to have a cohesive style, think coordinated outfits, not matched ones. If you need a little inspiration, I’d be glad to send you a Pinterest board with suggestions. *Please bring a blanket/throw that you won’t mind having in photos.

The Kids: I’ve worked with LOTS of families with little ones and I can promise you, the more you ask a child to behave, stand still and smile, the faster the wheels come off! Any smiley images I get of your children will be because they were genuinely happy. I work hard to make sure everyone has fun. It’s my job to do this, so take this opportunity to relax and let someone else handle it for a change. I think kids are perfect just the way the are - whether, they are running around like crazy, climbing trees, staring at the sky or hiding behind mom. These type of moments are often where I capture the most loved images.

For the family shots, I’ll direct mom and dad to simply “be” with the kids. It’s best if you almost forget I’m there - unless I direct you to look at the camera. I will give you the image of everyone looking and smiling, but that won’t be the majority of your gallery.

For the best session experience make sure your child has a good snack and water before we meet and if they still nap, then by all means a nap. A chill afternoon isn’t a bad idea either. On the days I have a session, I do very little else. I recommend the same for you if it’s possible. I found that “lollipop” bribes backfire with the kids asking for the lollipop the entire session, usually while whining, not making for the best images. Instead, I suggest talking about a nice treat you will all share together after you “play in the park”.

Please Arrive on Time: This is not because I’m in a rush to go elsewhere, but because your session is scheduled to take advantage of beautiful light that changes quickly.

I can’t wait to meet you all and create some beautiful images (and memories) that you will cherish forever!