What kind of photographer are you? 

I'm a New Jersey based Lifestyle photographer who uses natural light to capture your family being as close to their most loving and connected selves as possible. Picture a really great day with your family. My job is to get you there, then step back and photograph it all unfolding!

Where will my session be held? 

We will meet either at your home, in a park or even in your downtown for a trip to the ice cream shop. If there is a particular place that is meaningful to you and your family, that's great too! I'm open and welcome the opportunity to shoot in fun and unexpected places. 

How long will my session be?

Depending on which session you choose, they can last anywhere from 30 minutes to 1.5 hours. When Iā€™m working with a newborn, timing is based on your babies needs and schedule.

What will my session be like?

After spending a few minutes saying hello and getting to know each other, we will start in right away. I will place you in some informal poses and then ask you to bring those poses to life! That might mean telling jokes or a surprise tickle, maybe a tight snuggle. I'll encourage you with questions and suggestions, sometimes I might slip in a corny joke...I apologize ahead of time. ;-) My goal is to get you images of everyone together that look totally natural and connected. I won't often ask you to look at the camera and actually prefer most of the time if you don't. I want your gallery to look like no one was there but you and your family and that you were just having the most amazing day ever! Having said that, I realize it's important to get that shot where everyone's looking at the camera and smiling. If you could see my fridge, you'd see it plastered with smiling- at-the-camera grins, so rest assured, I will get that shot for you!

What should I wear?

I used to think, "wear what you like and it will work", but recently I've had a slight change of heart when it comes to what to wear during a session. The reason for this is because more than anything, I want YOU to be the focus of attention in your images, not your outfit. So a few simple guidelines: 1. No big logos splashed across sweatshirts. 2. No neon colors - they reflect onto the skin and create funky skin tones. 3. Nothing TOO bright (bright reds, greens, and yellows pull attention away from the subject). 4. Neutrals ROCK! Grays, pinks (think dusty pink) blues, and beiges are beautiful and look good on almost everyone, any time of the year. Subtle floral prints are beautiful! If it's fall, golds and rust colors are also gorgeous. Here is my most important tip; if you're not sure of what to wear but have an idea and want a little feedback, take a photo of yourself in it with your phone and send it to me. I'll give you my honest opinion. I want you to LOVE your gallery after all!

How far out are you booked?

I usually booked one season out. So, if you are looking to book a foliage session, it's best to contact me during the summer. 

Will I get the digitals from my session?

Yes, you will. I'm an all-inclusive photographer. I give you hand-edited, high resolution files and one 8x10 print from your session.

Can I order prints and products from you? 

Yes, absolutely! My gallery site has a convenient shop included, making ordering prints and products SO simple!