Home Is Where It All Happens | New Jersey Child and Family Photographer

When a family welcomes me into their home on the morning of a photo session while everyone is still getting ready, I'm pretty sure magic is going to happen. This is the kind of session I dream of doing for EVERYONE! I'm sure I sound like a broken record by now, but the day to day stuff is the BEST stuff. The images where the little guys are half dressed and still eating breakfast, the backpacks in plain sight, half empty coffee mugs and sippy cups crowding the counters. Everyone puttering around the kitchen, doing their normal routine. I want you to have these images and to know you will treasure them more than any others. I'm beyond grateful to the families who open their homes to me and grace me with the gift of watching their dance. Life is in the details. Capture them, and you will never forget them. xo

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