Four Littles and their Mama

I admire the talent and ability of newborn photographers at the same time knowing that will never be me. I don't think I'm a baby whisperer by any stretch of the imagination. I won't come to your home with soft, organic blankets and a space heater and lull your newborn to sleep. If I had that power when I was a new mom, maybe I'd be a different type of photographer today. But, what I WILL do is come to your home and capture your life as it really is in those first few precious days or weeks. All the snuggles, a sleeping baby and yes, the less than thrilled sibling. And it's all good, because as much as I hated when people said this to me (and I mean I HATED it) it does go by quickly, and the beginning days with little sleep can all seem a blur. The images that remind you how special those days were are the photos you will look at again and again. xo