Wrightsville Beach, NC

Wilmington, NC has got to be one of my favorite places on earth! Last month we were lucky enough to spend a week with good friends exploring the downtown area and beaches. There's so much happening in the downtown area; excellent food, breweries turning out delicious craft beers, a vibrant music and arts scene. And the beaches were killer!! The water was so clean and the waves almost scary, just enough to make boogie-boarding a real thrill and a guaranteed source of exhaustion, and an early bedtime! My only regret is coming home to find there wasn't one picture of me! Ugh. I did all the shooting and never handed the camera off. This breaks my heart and won't happen again. As soon as I got home, I headed to the camera store and bought myself a remote for my camera. From now on, I'll get in the frame every now and then. I want my kids to know I was there having fun with them. Hope you enjoy looking through our "vacation photos". I promise not to pull them out at Christmas.