Escape to Asbury Park

We were all getting tired of the same old thing and craved a change of scenery. I'd remember reading something in the Times recently about Asbury Park and decided that was our destination. An hour or so away, the ocean, a boardwalk, what did we have to lose? Turns out we had everything to gain. The revival down there is amazing! It has a completely urban/island vibe, if that's even a thing? Great restaurants with roof top bars overlooking the ocean, cozied up next to hip shops and street food "containers". I say containers, because literally that's what they are...shipping containers painted vibrant colors. Imagine a food truck, but bigger with no wheels. 

The water temperature couldn't have been better. It was clean and the surf was rough, but not insane. I've never seen Eamon so happy and believe me, I have seen him pretty happy, many times. I literally had to pull him out of the ocean when it was time to leave. Liam spent the evening hours digging a VERY deep hole in the sand. As we drove the parkway home with a cotton-candy sunset before us, I vowed to make this a regular trek. 

When the boys woke up this morning, the first thing they said was, "Can we go again today?" I wish I could've made it happen the very next day, but there were things to take care of here at home. But soon, very soon we will go again. 

Oh, and by the way there are LOTS of pictures here. Feel free to scroll. :-)